Welcome to Noro Solutions !

About Us

NORO is a unique revolutionalized research outsourcing agency. We excel in simplified and innovative research process to bring the most efficient insights. Our action driven approach helps our clients to initiate betterment and innovations in their decision-making. We specialize in a systematic process of data collection, analysis, report writing and presentation.

to be the leading and revlolutionalized global research outsourcing agency.
to benchmark in action oriented innovative research process.

Our way of researching relies in two major approaches.

Online Research approach: our experts systematically scan internet to extract credible and accurate information and present them to the client, along with recommendations.

The digging approach: we collect quantitative and qualitative primary data using the most adequate data collection methodology and present comprehensive insights, along with recommendations.

Our Culture:

NORO has a very friendly, team-oriented culture. We all do what we love and it is fun to be a part of our team. Our decentralized approach empowers our employees and all get chances to have their words on the strategic decisions. Our weekly meetings, and often-launched brainstorming sessions encourage face to face engagement and team spirit.

Our empowered teams initiate innovations and take responsibility to bring the best to the team, provided with guidance and support all the time by their team leaders. We also invest significantly in CSR campaigns interrelated with community empowerment, and social awareness.