Welcome to Noro Solutions !

Our Services

Market Research

We dig the industrial happenings, trends, patterns, threats, and opportunities using both secondary and primary resources.

Evaluation studies

We evaluate the effectiveness, sustainability and feasibility of development programmes, charity works, and rehabilitation projects.

Primary Surveys

We undertake primary telephone and email surveys and comprehend the outcomes.

Online Research

After thoroughly scanning reliable online sources, we tailor a report with possible recommendations.

Lead Generation

We generate contacts of individuals, linkedin profiles, and facebook profiles.

Our secondary services

Data entry

We undertake data entry tasks for Small, Medium, and Large scale organizations. We ensure that the delivery is made on time.


We provide admin outsourcing services including call centers, admin maintenance, ebay listing, website maintenance, and blog maintenance for domestic and foreign firms


We run specialized tele-marketing, email marketing, social media promotions for businesses.